A downloadable game for Linux

This is a rather bad version of Snake that allows you to play either as the snake or the dot (or apple I was told, but I never knew it was an apple).

Made during a gamejam for the gamekid. The game window is very small to match the hardware.

It was made in a rush while trying to learn pygame at the same time, so forgive it of its flaws. If you are running the game from non-gamekid system you may need to download the pygame library for Python before the game will work. You can find it here.

More information

Published1 year ago
AuthorTartle Games
Tags8-bit, Horrible, pygame, python, snake, sourcecode

Install instructions

made for the gamekid.
extract the zip into ~\RetroPie\roms\ports\ directory
then you need to:
sudo chmod +x AngrySnakeGod.sh

on other systems, you may run using
python AngrySnakeGod.py

but only if you have the pygame module installed.


AngrySnakeGod.zip (3 MB)

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