Dystopia Denizens - The Lizardfolk

Unquestionable Lizardmen Politics

Dystopia has a multitude of societies, cultures, and politics. Oddly enough, lizardmen seem to be at the helm of all of them. Human civilizations are all run by lizardmen. Even the races and cultures in Dystopia that do not have an elected lizardman find themselves being visited by lizardmen diplomats spelling out decrees and taxes and regulations. Some folk scratch their heads and say, Wait a minute. When did we agree to any of this? The wise diplomats assure us that it has always been this way and that if we have any complaints to write them down and they’ll be happy to review them and make changes as needed. Many have in fact tried writing down the complaints, but mail is complicated in Dystopia because to send mail through the Lizardman Post requires an officially notarized seal which can only be obtained through an official request from a lizardman chancellor, and scheduling a meeting with a sitting chancellor is expensive and requires filling out a complicated form. Needless to say, it is all very official and most give up and pay the tax because it is easier that way.

Lizardmen hold office even when there is no office to be held. They’re calculating, unblinking, and the utmost follows of doctrine and order. Banging gavels and demanding order is second nature to them. They’re good at it and they’re proud of it. Lizardmen work together in broad daylight and the shadows to maintain their status through obfuscation, bureaucracy, and force. Most towns of a certain size have at least one lizardman running things from behind a desk. Towns that form councils for leadership find themselves fully represented by a room of lizardmen within months, nobody is quite certain how it happens or where they even come from.

Lizardmen are most concerned with meat. All taxes are paid to them in the form of meat. It is mandated that those found guilty of crimes punishable by death be stored in a manner to preserve the meat. It is a conversation of wide speculation as to what the lizardmen do with all the meat they collect. Nobody knows for sure.

Sligthas is the capital of the lizardman order and the king of Sligthas is the highest authority in the land, as is best and has always been. The road leading to Sligthas is known as the Meat Road because most trade routes take a detour through Sligthas to pay the meat tax.

Not all lizardmen hold power. Some lizardmen are degenerate and are outcasts from the inner-circle. These lizardmen still uphold lizardmen authority, but they’re somewhat worthless without the support of their scaly brothers and sisters. Once a lizardman has been cast out from the inner-circle, they rarely survive long.

Two Religions. One lizardman?

The religion of order in Dystopia is the Torch of Agnew. Agnew’s temples are located across Dystopia and there are three holy texts of Agnew and his sacrifice to all races such that we all may have a chance at life, prosperity, the pursuit of truth. Agnew is depicted in icons as a lizardman garbed in a green robe with a wooden sceptre and a wooden crown. It is taught that Agnew, humblest of beings, came to Dystopia as one of its own children, walking as the form of those he visited to teach them 


  ████████████  ████  ███ █████  ███████ █████  ████  █████ ████████████  ████  ████████   ███  

[REDACTED] ████████████  ████  ████████   ██  ███ █████  ███████ █████  ████  █████ ████████████  ████  ████████   ███  

 ██  ███ █████  ███████ █████  ████  █████ ████████████  ████  ████████   ███   ██  ███ █████  ███████ █████  ████  █████ ████████████  ████  ████████   ███  

[REDACTED]  ██  ███ █████  ███████ █████  ████  █████ ████████████  ████  ████████   ███  

The religion of chaos is the Torch of Agnew. Yes. That same Agnew as featured above. This is strange. In the temples devoted to Agnew, the chaos version, some of the priests and holy philosophers are almost certain that Agnew, well, it wasn’t Agnew. The holy books have been through a lot of redaction and editing lately and it’s caused a lot of consternation. While official statements maintain that it is only coincidence that the translated editions of the new holy books translated the divine prophet into Agnew, that, in fact, don’t worry it is a different divine prophet and the subsequent editions will correct this errata. But now in the 13th edition the similarities are only more pronounced. Esteemed Chaos priests have gone as far as to organize councils to determine if there were mistranslations in the texts because it seems even in recent memory that Agnew wasn’t a lizardman. The councils did meet, most of them being lizardmen, of course, and it was decided that further talks would be required and for the time being lizardmen envoys would be installed at all the temples to facilitate the holy work. Obviously, this has caused a lot of confusion for the common folk.

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