A downloadable game

If you've played a TTRPG style game, you should be able to figure out how to play. The rules are simple and they should be kept a secret. Will your players succumb to madness? Will their repetitive lives break free of this simulation? Is it even possible to break free? Discover all this and more at the game table. Good luck.

the image is the entire game. One page TTRPG game.

CategoryPhysical game
AuthorTartle Games
Made withGIMP, Krita
Tagskafka, print-and-play, ttrpg
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

The download on this project is nothing more than the single page pdf for the game if you need it. The content is also on this page as the main image.


FranzKafkaTheExperience_updated.pdf 1 MB