I was not content with my results. I tried for something. I don't think I got there.

It was good participating in LowRezJam, though, because it pushed me to learn a few things about Unity's rendering. I used a RawImage on the Canvas with a super pixellated Render Texture rendering from my main scene camera. It is the first time I have used a rig like that. Sometimes with Unity you have to go through extra effort to make things look worse, and this was especially true in this jam.

The game also pushed me to explore spatial 3D sound that I had not used before, yet it is barely noticeable in the final game because the recorded sound quality is so bad. The music, sounds, and voices are almost all me. The cicadas I recorded in my backyard. Some of the weird sounds are me making weird sounds and slowing the speed down using the software Audacity.

This was my first game in which I tried for the glitched-out look. That was also fun. I can see why so many people use it. To achieve those effects I used a few of the standard asset camera filters and tied them to some trigger animations for short spurts of static, wave patterns, etc.


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Interesting experience. The end make me feel I was lose in my computer :)