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What is it?

a system for Unity 5 for swapping between different User Interface themes. It supports the current set of Unity 5 Canvas objects and is easily modifiable to support a custom object. Colors, images, and fonts can be set as a theme.

There is one required prefab: ThemeController. Each Canvas Component has a script. For example, Text has a script called ThemeText. When you change the theme through ThemeController all Canvas objects with their corresponding scripts attached will be updated.

Theme colors and fonts are defined in an array in ThemeController. These are set in the Unity editor's inspector.

Why would you want to do this?

1) If you want users of a Unity game or app to be able to choose between themes to personalize the look.

2) If you want a system for controlling the look of the UI depending on where or when a player is in your game.

Import to unity using: Assets > Import Package > Custom Package and browse to wherever you saved it.


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