Updated for the Creepy & Cute Halloween Bundle

In preparation for the Creepy & Cute Halloween bundle, Ooze Meadow has had a major overhaul. This update completes some of the ideas I had for the project originally and didn't get around to implementing until now. For instance, you can now toggle between different cameras in the scene to view the oozes from different locations. It is still an ambient experience with very little player interaction. Here is the full list of what changed:

  • Updated high resolution textures & texturing effects
  • Scene lighting improvements and optimizations
  • New cameras. Look for the Camera button to cycle between cameras.
  • Improved ambient sound effects
  • Improved menu screen when the game first opens
  • The aspect ration now supports wide screen
  • The game now runs in the background. If you click off of the screen running the simulation it will keep running.
  • The oozes bringing you items has been removed. They still approach the camera, but there is no text overlay about items.


Ooze Meadow - Win64 38 MB
Oct 25, 2018
Ooze Meadow - Mac 55 MB
Oct 25, 2018
Ooze Meadow - Linux 75 MB
Oct 25, 2018

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