More enhanced & screensaver for Windows 10

This update further enhances some of the effects in the Ooze Meadow.

  • Oozes have better slime trails
  • The oozes look more oozy. Still working on making this just right, but I am making progress.
  • coins now periodically drop automatically. You can still use the button.
  • Added a button on the bottom to exit the ooze meadow.

Screensaver for Windows 10 (experimental)

In the zip folder for Windows 64bit, you will find a readme file explaining the screensaver. To install Ooze Meadow as a screensaver, you will have to run a batch file as full admin on your computer. I don't recommend doing this if you're not an expert :D

The reason why is because it has to copy some of the Ooze Meadow program files into a Windows 10 system folder and it has to rename the folders in a specific way. Once there, your settings should see Ooze Meadow as a screensaver. I give no guarantees that it is going to work, but It did work for me. If it doesn't work for you, let me know in the comments.

** Update ** the instructions for running the batch file are a little different than originally posted. See below.

if you right-click on the batch and say "run as admin" it's going to fail because the directory the admin cmd console window opens in isn't the directory you created when you unzipped the project. So follow these steps.

  1. in start menu type "CMD" and right-click the CMD and "run as administrator"
  2. type CD C:\Users\<your user name>\<the exact path to the directory created from the unzip>
  3. Note on #2: fill in the correct information for <your user name> and <the exact path to the directory created from the unzip>
  4. now type InstallAsScreenSaver.bat
  5. the project files should now copy over to the correct location correctly.

Note: you only have to do any of this stuff explained above if you want your computer to open Ooze Meadow as a screensaver.


Ooze Meadow - Win64 46 MB
Nov 03, 2018
Ooze Meadow - Mac 73 MB
Nov 03, 2018

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