This simulation simulates sensory deprivation. Sensory deprivation is the act of denying your senses of all perception. This causes the brain to fill in the gaps with dreamlike visions. Sensory deprivation has been used as a form of therapy. There is no way to predict what you will experience. The time it takes to have a significant vision differs from person to person. The creator of this simulation wants you to know he is not responsible for what you encounter in your visions. This simulation is offered as is. It's your personal journey -- not mine.

things you could experience: 

  • dinosaurs
  • your own death
  • flying into your own nostrils
  • your body might turn into spaghetti
  • animals talking to you
  • you might see yourself as a baby or an old person
  • you might have ideas about math and science
  • giant glowing bats from hell
  • demons


  1. Stare at the screen
  2. Keep staring
  3. Keep staring
  4. Wait
  5. Keep waiting

*ASMR ready. Plug in your headphones.

If you have a vision, please leave a comment telling us what you saw. Or, better yet, draw a picture with some crayons.


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How do i put it in full screen


i saw plants or some shit 



is this just a black screen?

Or is it?