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Play as Bart Waffles

Vulcan Sacrifice presents a new myth on an old god. A volcano awakens and threatens the town of Anvil. The eruption is imminent. The town elders call upon Bart Waffles, a local lumberjack, to travel into the skeleton filled mountains to find Vulcan, the Roman god of forges & volcanoes and the only being powerful enough to stop the volcano. But the cost is great. Bart must sacrifice much to secure the safety of his home, and what's worse, the volcano continues to rumble.

The story will take Bart through many perils toward his destiny, which more and more looks as doomed as his humble mountain home.

Fight Skeletons

Five levels of growing difficulty. Hordes of skeletons along the way. Chop them down with your axe or throw your axe before they catch you. Avoid pits, spikes, and battle the boss to achieve your destiny.

{If you're backing me on patreon, make sure you look for the post to get a special code to enchant your axe inside the game}


𝄠 Music 𝄠

The music in the game is original & made by Chase. You can browse his tunes on Soundcloud.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Vulcan Sacrifice - Win64 29 MB
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I loved it!

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If you're visiting the page after the date of 8/22/2018, then the game has been rebuilt and expanded! Hope you like the changes.


Have you got some future plans for this game?

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Yes. There are some small updates I am planning and eventually I want to make a sequel to continue the story.


Well that escalated quickly... this game is more than it appears to be at first.


Tried the game, the mechanics is really cool and overall it is so damn fun to play. Really nice job. And those guitar riffs are great!