Update 8/26/2018

Updated some things from the jam's launch version

  • enchanted axes now show up again
  • adjusted the height on one enemy
  • made the danger area around lava smaller
  • added some extra health to level 4
  • added way more clouds to level 2 & 3
  • Adding game pausing, but the button for it is a little weird on the gamepad
  • added teleport to boss once you get to the boss
  • changed the explosions from the skeleton wizards

Known issues:

  • the dialogue options still aren't compatible with a gamepad controller.
  • there needs to be a way to skip dialogue in the last chapter.


Vulcan Sacrifice - Win64 21 MB
Aug 26, 2018
Vulcan Sacrifice - Mac 23 MB
Aug 26, 2018

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